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Golam Hadi established this Law Firm in 2018 in the Campbelltown area. It mainly deals with conveyancing, contracts, construction and property law. Independent legal advice for mortgages and binding agreements are also within scope.Graduated from WSU with a double degree in Law and Accounting.A decade of experience with ICT Contracts (Software, Hardware, Consultancy, Labour Hire).A decade of experience in Federal Government, procurement and contracts space and vastly experienced in the Government tendering process (both NSW and Federal).Golam Hadi invites you to connect through Linkedin, where he regularly shares IT and AI-related content.

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Golam Hadi Lawyer Solicitor Law Practice

Please serve us documents at12 Stuka Close
Raby, New South Wales
Australia 2566
(Legal documents only)

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Golam Hadi Lawyer Solicitor Law Practice